Who am I?

Hi, I’m Jaycee. Pleased to “meet” you!

Located out of Tucson, Arizona, I’m a mother, wife, ex-teacher, author, graphic designer, coffee- and Diet Coke-addict and a proud-to-be homebody. Seriously, getting me out of the house is like pulling teeth.

I’m a self-taught designer who’s been “playing around” with html coding and design programs since 2000 for fun. I began designing professionally in December 2011 and started designing full-time in May 2015.

*photo by Gonet Photography




How long have you been designing?
For 15+ years. I’ve been designing professionally since December 2011.

Are you professionally trained in graphic design?
No. I took one class for fun, but I’m self-taught. That being said, I’ve done plenty of industry research and continue to do so to stay on top of trends and design standards.

What graphics programs do you use?
Mainly Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I use Artisteer and Themeler to package my designs into WordPress Themes.


Sweet ‘N Spicy Designs is the freelance business of Jaycee DeLorenzo. I have been in business since December 2011. What began as an offer to help out an author friend looking to redesign her website and establish branding has grown into a thriving business that completes 60-80 projects a month and works with a wide-range of authors, from those just starting out to those regularly landing on the New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon Bestselling lists.

I am a romance writer and (mostly) a romance reader, so it makes sense that 90% of my clientele are romance writers. I can and have, however, worked with authors in other categories and genres, including but not limited to Young Adult, Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Non-Fiction and Educational Guides. I have also worked with a number of people and companies outside of the publishing industry, such as management corps, school districts, musicians, sports teams, online magazines, and independent business owners (most of which are not displayed in this portfolio.)

In addition to my design work, I have been invited to several events and cons to speak on the topic of the importance of good cover design, including the Tucson Festival of Books, Saguaro RWA (Tucson), and TusCon Science Fiction Convention.