My Services

Listed below are the services Sweet ‘N Spicy Designs offers. 

Please note:  Prices listed below do not include the cost of any images I purchase on the author’s behalf or any specialty fonts that an author wants that I do not already own.

Custom eBook Cover Design

Starting at $80

Final covers are provided as flattened jpegs in four different sizes: 1800×2700, 1600×2400, 600×900 and 200×300. The two larger sizes are good for your retailers and the smaller two good for promo, blogs, facebook, etc.

Print-On-Demand Wraparoud/Flats

Starting at $45

Turn your ebook design in a full-size wrapround for your print-on-demand company of choice. Final covers are provided in both flattened jpeg and flattened pdf form. Variations for multiple retailers will be $20 each.
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Audio Book Covers

Starting at $30

**With my original design. If you provide a book cover and need it to be modified into an audio book cover, the price will be more. Files are provided as jpegs at 2400×2400 pixels.

3D Box Sets

Starting at $80/$115

$80 with previously-designed front cover
$115 with new front cover design
(Several styles available)
Final files are provided as flattened jpegs in 3 different sizes: small, medium and large, as well as one large PNG file on a transparent background. Exact measurements depend on the style of box set that is being designed.

3D Book Renders

Starting at $20

Turn your book cover into a powerful advertising tool with a realistic 3D mockup design to share all over the web. Several styles and designs available, with or without a background (Jpg/Png).

Website/Social Media Headers

Starting at $25

I do offer variation discounts. For example, if you order a facebook header at $25 and would like a twitter, newsletter, and/or web header that has same design (but is designed at the correct dimensions for the platform), each additional variation will be $10.

Digital/ebook Formatting

Starting at $9/10,000 Words

• $9/10,000 words for PLAIN text formatting with a single chapter header image.
• $12/10,000 words for THE WORKS, which includes custom chapter headings, decorative dividers and custom title page.

Print Formatting

Starting at $6/10,000 words

• $6/10,000 words for PLAIN formatting.
• $9/10,000 words for THE WORKS: Includes custom chapter headings, decorative dividers and custom title page.

**Get both plain Print and ebook formatting for the discounted rate of $14/10,000 words, and $19/10,000 words for The Works!

Non-fiction Book Formatting

Starting at $25/hour

Depends on the project, but typically charged at $25/hour based on the amount of specialized formatting required.

Logo Design

Starting at $45

Set yourself apart and build your brand with a custom logo design.

Swag Imprint/Design

Starting at $30/side

Bookmarks, Postcards, Business Cards, Magnets, Romance Trading Cards, Rack Cards, Coasters, Buttons, Chap Sticks, and more…just ask!

Standing/Hanging Banners

Starting at $45

Going to a signing soon? You’re going to need a banner! (Design only)

A+ Content

Starting at $30

Amazon pages are now recommending pages have A+ content. Let’s make something that will decorate your book pages!