Custom Ebook Cover Design

So you’re interested in book cover design – that’s great!  I’ve outlined some information below so you know how this whole thing works.

When should I get started on my ebook cover design?

There are no prior requirements on my end for designing an ebook cover. You can get started at any time, even before you’ve written your book!  As long as you have provided the information I ask for in the next section, you’re good to go.

What do I need to get started?

In order to get started on an ebook cover, I will need all text that will appear on the cover, including title, author’s name, series name and any tags/endorsement quotes.  I will also need to know the genre of your book, a rough summary or blurb of your book, and your overall vision for the cover.  Any stock images you have in mind (either purchased or watermarked images from  stock photography sites) should also be submitted with this information.  You can send this information in an email, or, if it’s easier to organize your thoughts, you may complete our cover art request form. (Downloadable at the bottom of the page).

Requests may be sent at any time before the date you are scheduled on my calendar.  If information has not been provided by 9 am (MST) the day your cover is scheduled to get started, your job may be bumped until the next opening in my schedule.

How long does a cover design take?

The wait time to be be added to my calendar typically ranges from 3 to 7 business days.  When you contact me, I inform you of my next available opening and will hold that spot for you for no longer than 48 hours.  if you take longer to respond to emails, you will be bumped to my next available spot.

I work fast and one of the comments I hear all the time is “Wow, you’re so quick!”.  Typically, you will have a first mockup (with watermarked images) on the day you we are scheduled to begin. The time it takes to go from mockup to final design at this point really depends on you.  If you are quick with communication and are willing to go back and forth with revision ideas the same day, you could have your final design before the end of the business day.  If you are slow to reply, taking several days or even weeks (please don’t do this!), I will fit you in when I can, but the jobs I have scheduled for the day will get first priority.

What’s included in custom ebook designs?

Unless otherwise instructed, every cover is designed at a base size of 6 x 9 inches or 1800×2700 pixels. All completed designs are provided to the client as flattened, non-editable jpg files.  As a courtesy, 4 file sizes will be provided to every client:  1800×2700 pixels, 1600×2400 pixels, 600×900 pixels and 200×300 pixels.  The two larger sizes may be used on digital retailers and ALL sizes can be used for promotional purposes on websites and social media.  (Because all covers are designed at this high-resolution size, please keep in mind that all stock images will need to be purchased at the Large or XL size, depending on the needs of the specific cover.)  Ebook covers are not designed with print in mind, and as such, no specific margins will be observed.

Once completed files have been delivered, an invoice will be sent.  Any alterations requested AFTER a design has been completed will incur an additional fee. Fees will be determined by the time required to make the changes and generate new final files, and any new image or fonts purchases required to compete the alterations.

Do you bundle?

I keep my fees as low as I possibly can, taking into consideration the average time it takes for me to search for images, design a mock-up cover, make revisions, complete final design and generate all final files.  Because of this, I generally do not offer discounts for multiple covers, although I’m willing to negotiate fees on 6 or more covers designed on a single order.

Custom Ebook Covers Designed (at last count)

Unless other arrangements have been made, all invoices will be sent from Paypal.  All designs are subject to my terms of services.  By placing an order, you are agreeing that you have read and understand the terms and limitations outlined on that page.

Download my cover art request form (.doc file):