WordPress FAQ

What is included in the $120 fee listed on your services page?
The $120 is for the design and packaging of your theme, and covers the time it takes to install your theme, install any necessary plugins, and to test it to make sure it is running smooth.

What if I want you to set up my new WordPress and transfer all of my pages?
I’ll upload your theme for you. If I am setting up anything else on your site, it’ll cost $35 for the first five hours of work and $15/per hour after that to set up the pages.

I currently have a hosted WordPress that I use as my website and I use a free service (wordpress.com/blogger) for my blog. Is it possible to compress these into one site?
Yes, and very easy to do so. We can even transfer your old posts into your new blog so you don’t lose anything.

I have a blogger/free WordPress.com that I’m using, but want a custom WP design. What will I need to do?
Free Wordpres.com sites will not allow you to install a completely custom theme. You’ll need to purchase a hosting plan either through WordPress.org or through other hosting companies (For example, I use GoDaddy.com). From there, you’ll need a domain name connected to the site. Either you or I can then install the WordPress application into your hosting theme. When your theme is designed and ready to go, for an extra fee, I can download all of your old posts, images and comments from your old blog/WP and upload them to your new site.

I don’t know anything about running a WordPress. Can you teach me?
While I’m willing to answer a question here or there, I do not give instructions on how to manage WordPress. There are plenty of tutorials online to help you out. I suggest starting with www.w3.org or The WordPress Codex.

Figuring out WordPress is giving me a headache and taking too much time from my writing. Can I hire you to manage my website for me?
Of course. I offer monthly maintenance of up to 5 hours a work for $35 and $15/hour after that to work on your site. All you’ll have to do is email me what you want me to do and I’ll take care of it. I do not charge a retainer, so if you don’t use me for a month, you won’t pay for that month.