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Note:  if you’re looking to have both an ebook & print cover book made, I suggest you start on the custom ebook cover page.

When should I get started on my print cover design?

Unlike ebook design, there are several requirements to a print cover design so the timing is pretty specific.

What do I need to get started?

  • Your final formatted page number. If you haven’t formatted your book yet, please note that I do offer formatting services for both digital and print books
  • Your desired book dimensions. Some of the more popular sizes are (in inches): 5 x 8, 5.25 x 8, 5.5 x 8.5, 6 x 9.
  • Your preferred interior page color (white or cream).
  • Back cover copy and any other information you’d like to appear on the back of your book, which may include an author photo, series logo, ISBN barcode and your website address. Amazon KDP will provide you an ISBN free-of-charge. If you are using LSI (Lightning Source) for print, please provide your ISBN number. I am happy to downloaod the correct template, but cannot do so without the ISBN.

If you would like to generate your own template pdf and send it my way, you may do so at the following links:
Amazon KDP
Lightning Source Template Generator
Lulu Template Generator

This information may be sent at any time before we are scheduled to begin the design process.  If information has not been provided by 9 am (MST) the day your cover is scheduled to get started, your job may be bumped until the next opening in my schedule.

How long does a print design take?

My average wait time is a few days to a week.  When you contact me, I will get you down on my calendar for the next available opening.

I work relatively fast, so generally speaking, you will have a design on the day you we are scheduled to begin.  The time it takes to go from mockup to final design at this point really depends on you.  If you are quick with communication and are willing to go back and forth with revision ideas the same day, you could have your final design before the end of the business day.  If you are slow to reply, taking several days or even weeks (please don’t do this!), I will fit you in when I can, but the jobs I have scheduled for the day will get first priority.

What’s included in custom print designs?

Every print cover is designed as a high-resolution full wrap (front, back, spine) dependent on your page count.  All completed designs are provided to the client as a flattened, non-editable jpg and a flattened, not-editable pdf.  You can use the jpg for promotional purposes. You will need a pdf to submit to all POD (Print On Demand) publishers.

Once completed files have been delivered, an invoice will be sent.  Any alterations requested AFTER a design has been completed will incur an additional fee. Fees will be determined by the time required to make the changes and generate new final files, and any new image or fonts purchases required to compete the alterations.

Unless other arrangements have been made, all invoices will be sent from Paypal.  All designs are subject to my terms of services.  By placing an order, you are agreeing that you have read and understand the terms and limitations outlined on that page.

Need an ebook & print cover? Download my cover art request form (.doc file):